I’m a computer science student studying at the University of Leeds, going by the super sneaky internet name of CRISPYrice and variations of such, but you can call me Ben. My social links are on the left.

My Work

I have a GitHub and a GitLab, for personal projects and work respectively. A lot of my projects are private since I’m new to the business of portfolios, but my blog posts should be highlighting the work that I’ve been doing behind the scenes.

My Hobbies

Since you’re here and I have a blog, I also should let you know that I play the violin, and thus have a passion for all things musical. That includes musicals, classicals, filmsicals and videogamesicals. I made a post way back when talking about the soundtrack of an indie game hit, and I plan to keep that up too, so expect to see a lot of hobby-based posts interspersed between the more work-heavy ones.

My Dog

Now for the most important section of any site: Dog appreciation!


Fargo (the dog) on a beach