Back in January, I bought an arcade game for my Nintendo Switch. I didn’t think much of the game itself, it was extremely entertaining and thrillingly difficult. But, what really caught my attention was the soundtrack.

It turns out, the soundtrack has been universally praised by game critiques all around, and Lena Raine (the composer) should be extremely proud of her work.

The whole soundtrack, available as an album on Spotify, fits really well for studying. It uses simple motives repeated in increasingly more interesting ways to create ambient music that is so nice to listen to. It also has a determined mood to it, brilliant for people on that study grind.

The music is a perfect reflection of the game it’s trying to be, it acknowledges that it’s difficult, feeding you positive intervals and major keys to keep you going, while at other times, puts you into a mood of despair that makes you really feel the emotion your character is going through.

Anyway, the soundtrack has a load of highs and lows that keep things interesting, all of which is great to study to.